Clearly Not Just Water, Food, and Shelter

SURPRISE! Kittens! With advanced marketing strategies in the USA, it’s REALLY HARD TO AVOID BAD STIMULATION.1 Bad stimulation can be difficult to define. It’s everywhere. Stimulation is actually a basic necessity. We like it. Children develop quickly and are easy to study, whereas adults are subject to an immeasurable amount of external variables.2 However, just … More Clearly Not Just Water, Food, and Shelter

Bad FOX, Good FOX

ALL HAIL ROGER AILES!! Oh, he stepped down because of sexual harassment charges? Liberals are having a hay-day, but do they have a reason to be happy? NO! There are only two likely scenarios that are going to come out of his resignation: Things are going to stay the same.C -OR- Things are going to … More Bad FOX, Good FOX


BUILD A WALL!! MAKE MEXICO PAY FOR IT!! That’s not going to happen folks. I don’t care whose side of the wall you’re on, building another wall isn’t going to solve any of our problems. The National Guard is already stretched too thin.1 It’s causing farmers and small business owners on the boarder havoc.2 In … More THE WALL IS HUGE