Clearly Not Just Water, Food, and Shelter

SURPRISE! Kittens!

With advanced marketing strategies in the USA, it’s REALLY HARD TO AVOID BAD STIMULATION.1

  1. Bad stimulation can be difficult to define.
  2. It’s everywhere.
  3. Stimulation is actually a basic necessity.
  4. We like it.

Children develop quickly and are easy to study, whereas adults are subject to an immeasurable amount of external variables.2 However, just like how your health depends on the quality of water that you drink, the types of food that you eat, and the conditions of the home you live in, so does the type of stimulation that is put in your brain.3

So don’t beat yourself up the next time you just have to have the next big thing, or want to listen to an egotistical white-supremacist speak, or want a juicy burger from your favorite fast-food restaurant.4

YOU’RE ONLY HUMAN, and humans need to feel good (EVEN IF IT’S BAD).

CHECK OUT this 1993 article that points out how a couple countries feel about American stimulation.

NOTE: those laws are still “imposed” today.

Thank you,

Mr. Superscript


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