Recognize Propaganda When You See It, Please.

Just because we live in a country with the Freedom of the Press, doesn’t mean we don’t experience propaganda.

As an example, we hear over and over how horrible China is. There are numerous articles, but I would like to point out one in particular: “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of China on the UNHRC.”1 However, what Mr. Roney does not assert is that the United States of America, nor any other country, stands up to his personal human rights standards. Despite the lack of exposure towards the problems that his own country faces, he paints a picture of an evil country taking over a pure and innocent UN Human Rights Council. Why not take a look at USA’s human rights issues in 2013?2

And the list of negative articles and rebuttals goes on. But despite the positive and logical arguments for China’s overwhelming success, we still get reports from both sides of the media and the government refuting any claim that China could be an okay country.3

This goes for many other countries including Iran, Argentina, Palestine, Mexico, etc. Sure there are problems in these countries, but why do we idly sit by and accept people telling us how evil every other country is?

Sounds like PROPAGANDA BULLS***.

Visit a country that you think is horrible sometime. Not just one isolated location on a mission from God. I mean really visit a country, and examine it with your own eyes. I know you will find it wildly different than you imagined.þ

Thank you,

Mr. Superscript


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