Bad FOX, Good FOX

ALL HAIL ROGER AILES!! Oh, he stepped down because of sexual harassment charges?

Liberals are having a hay-day, but do they have a reason to be happy? NO! There are only two likely scenarios that are going to come out of his resignation:

  1. Things are going to stay the same.C


  1. Things are going to become more polarizing.

WHY? Compare it to the Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal is owned by the same man as FOX News: Rupert Murdoch, and is the second largest circulated newspaper in the country.D Why is that relevant? Because in my opinion, The Wall Street Journal embodies what I believe are core conservative values: using facts to back up arguments instead of borderline-slander. But Mr. Murdoch knows how rich a tabloid news broadcast can make him, especially if you make it seem like real news. FOX News is SEXY in a way, where the Wall Street Journal isn’t. So in order to maintain viewership and pump up ad-buys FOX News is going to need to STAY THE SAME or BECOME MORE EXTREME. Can you blame Mr. Murdoch? This is the guy that brought you Avatar, Star Wars: Episodes I, II, III, V, and VI, Deadpool, The X-Men Franchise, Independence Day, Home Alone, Night at the Museum, Cast Away, The Martian, and Mrs. Doubtfire.B So liberals criticize FOX News for its apparent bending of truths, but it’s JUST GOOD BUSINESS.

NOTE: None of those movies were written or directed by Rupert Murdoch, just produced by his parent company 20th Century FOX. And none of them were intellectually ground breaking in anyway.

THINK LIBERALS, THINK! If you want to do something about it, start boycotting 20th Century FOX!A

Please boycott 20th Century FOX.


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