A Little Light in Hopeless Places

Do you feel misplaced and unmotivated sometimes? I definitely have. I also get depressed sometimes, thinking about my debt and my loneliness. Sometimes going outside and walking, jogging, or riding my bike helps, but when I get back home it returns. Sometimes I sit at my computer and just let Youtube play. I forget to eat, but I get thirsty. Staring into nothing is parching work. I lay around and my brain often spirals down into dark places. Hopeless places.

I have a mantra though that I picked up recently:

No matter what, I will be okay.1

This has been a little too personal for me today, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Thank you,

Mr. Superscript


One thought on “A Little Light in Hopeless Places

  1. I, too, have had a time when everything seemed so dark and bleak. I wanted nothing but to escape from the tormenting reality around me. However, four years later, I realized that despite the thought that my world was crashing that at time, I still lived. I survived. This has given me hope, a ray of sunshine, as I continue to live my life. I’ve learned to see the glass half full. I hope you will be able to, too.


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