BUILD A WALL!! MAKE MEXICO PAY FOR IT!! That’s not going to happen folks. I don’t care whose side of the wall you’re on, building another wall isn’t going to solve any of our problems. The National Guard is already stretched too thin.1 It’s causing farmers and small business owners on the boarder havoc.2 In addition there are major environmental issues, it is ineffective, and it costs you a lot of money every year.3, 4, 5

SOLUTION PRO-BONO!! Build a moat! We can call it the NO PASSO Canal. It will create MILLIONS OF JOBS, REDUCE GOVERNMENT SPENDING by trillions of dollars!6 END THE WAR on drugs! Control IMMIGRATION! Open up NEW TRADE and naval routes for North and South America! And create the largest artificial ecological epicenter in the world! Hello, NEW WORLD WONDER!




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